DocuSign Tower - 999 Third | Seattle, WA

Class A Penthouse Space

HST worked closely with Seyfarth, Cushman & Wakefield and TVA during preconstruction to finalize design options and budget. After complete demolition of all finishes, HST teams built back 20,500 SF of Class A Office penthouse space and managed the design-build process for MEP systems. Features of this project include extensive use of grain-matched wood paneling, sliding glass office fronts, high-end reception and break areas with large format floor tile and ceiling baffles, 2 IDF rooms, 2 added restrooms, wellness room and 2 break areas.


Sliding Glass Fronts

This project involved many unique elements including glass walls and office doors.

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"HST has been one of the best general contractors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Rarely do you have a GC that is so honest and prompt in their communication. I really appreciated the continued effort to collaborate with the architectural team and subcontractors in the interest of providing the client a great product. They made everyone’s job easier."

-- Spencer Russell, TVA Architects

Portfolio Section Circle - break room
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"The thing I most appreciated was that whenever Ace brought me an issue, he would bring me a few good solutions along with it – making our job a lot easier. The client was over the moon at the quality of the finished product. "

-- Jake Hines, Cushman & Wakefield Project Management

Portfolio Section Circle - conference room
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