60 Spokane St. Building Demo

60 Spokane Street Building | Seattle, WA

60 Spokane St. Building Demo

While demolishing the 60 Spokane Street Building in SODO, HST teams worked with Redco Development to salvage old timbers and prepare them for a new life in projects across the western region. Workers carefully removed all the metal bolts, washers, nails and spikes from posts and beams before sorting and bundling for the trip to their next destination.

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Meticulous Work

The salvaged timbers had to be free of bolts and fasteners. HST teams painstakingly removed them, leaving clean posts and beams.

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What's Old is New Again

Salvaged timbers are in high demand.  Many developers use reclaimed wood to bring an instant patina to new projects.  The character of these beams can't be replicated.

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